Throughout my career I have been able to hone my professional experience into a strong foundation ideal for furthering the success of any organization that I work with.

I have a history maintaining and managing departmental budgets through payroll, leave balance maintenance, accounts receivable and payable, and budget summation. These budgets often involved accounts worth millions of dollars and the need to collaborate with participants located across the United States to ensure their proper maintenance. These roles also required the supervision of staff in support of the greater college or department’s staff as well as our external clients.

Communication is my most natural talent and I have leaned into it over the course of my life with wonderful results, including the publication of my debut novel and creation of my website. In fact, I am currently working on my next novel which will be a historical fiction set in the (wild) American West.

I have a background in copy and page editing for a local newspaper in my hometown which included the distribution of story assignments, copy editing, resource management, page design and functionality, as well as my own role as a journalist. As an editor it was vitally important to notice the smallest detail out of order including whether or not text aligned across the articles on the page. This attention to detail has reached into all areas of my life and contributes daily to my organizational skills.

Over the last decade, I have built websites, hosted blogs, contributed content to multiple websites, and provided editing services. I started my adventure in webdesign back in the grand ol’ days of Geocities, transitioned into LiveJournal, ventured into the blogging world with Blogger, helped create merchant websites on Wix, and have survived the ever-changing editing tools of WordPress. Much of my experience has been a result of self-study and using the wonderful resource of the internet as my teacher, however, I do have formal training in business marketing; formal, informal, academic, and creative writing styles; editing; and web development. This includes courses specifically designed for writing for the web and SEO best practices.

Currently, I am co-leading a Communications Committee in my office to help our department audit the information we disseminate to our international students and how that information is provided. A project I am spearheading involves replacing a majority of our emails with blog and social media posts as a way to negate the email fatigue our students experience. Most recently, I collaborated with our Communications Manager in the migration of our website to a new platform. This required delegating content review to our Communications Committee members, and working as the primary leader for content creation, design, and menu restructuring our website.

Acting in a fast paced, high stakes environment has become second nature to me, especially in my current position. As a SEVIS Coordinator I am responsible for the immigration records of just under 2,300 international students. The proper attention to detail, communication between student and the US Government, and ability to prioritize and complete time sensitive projects which occur at the same time is crucial to the success of this position. The consequences of failing to maintain these records accurately and in accordance with immigration law can result in the deportation of a student or even the loss of Colorado State University’s ability to host international students in academic programs.

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