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EXCERPT FROM DUST It was a comfortable daytime routine; her days filled with soiled fingernails, dirty knees, the jingle of spurs, laughter, and music. It was perfect and normal and everything she needed to gradually come in to herself. Time sped by quickly and… Continue Reading “WRITING SAMPLE – CREATIVE”


At a time when archaeology was entirely wrapped up in haphazard artifact collecting under the banner of antiquarianism, Thomas Jefferson blazed a trail that would contribute to the transformation of treasure hunting antiquarianism into the science of archaeology. Through his curiosity and subsequent research,… Continue Reading “WRITING SAMPLE – ACADEMIC”


Authors across the globe can support me on this one – reviews are vital to our success. The good and the bad – we need them to show that people have picked up our writing, read it, and felt compelled to say something about… Continue Reading “WRITING SAMPLE – BLOG POST”