For nearly a decade, I have dedicated myself to the industry of higher education and helping others pursue their academic journeys. Whether it was through issuing new student admissions to the institution, processing their graduation requests, supporting their transition from community college to university, welcoming international students to Colorado State University, or maintaining their immigration records and advising them on immigration regulations, I consciously view my small contribution to their lives as an honor. Often, higher education is the stepping stone that gives flight to a future dream held dear by the individual – a concept not lost on me in its gravity.

While helping others achieve their academic goals, I slowly began to pursue my own. Having built my career over the last 15 years, I am now at the liberty to pursue my bachelor’s degree in a subject that I am passionate about – not because I need a degree, but because I want one. Anthropology is a science that has fascinated me since I was a young child – a science that focuses on telling the story of us – humans. Whether the story focuses on a specific people group, piece of history, or spans the length of our existence it is worth the effort to rediscover and share with the world. It is a science that connects harmoniously with my passion for writing.

In 2016, I had the remarkable experience of achieving my longest standing dream: I became a published author. Under the banner of the indie publishing house, Tirgearr Publishing, my debut novel, Dust, was published in eBook format and held under contract for three years with Tirgearr. I have used this talent for writing in most avenues of my life including my professional, academic, and entrepreneurial careers. I have worked as the Sports Page Editor for a local newspaper, provided mentoring and editing services for other writers, created and managed multiple websites and social media accounts, and revolutionized correspondence to internal and external clientele resulting in effective and efficient communication.

It is with these particular experiences in mind that I have begun investigating new industries to pursue as I develop my own future – one where I can make both small and large contributions through my own personal gifts and experiences as well as one in which I can continue to touch the lives of others whether in person or at a distance.

Change can be a worrisome thought for some, but it is in that change that we grow and develop. Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to hone my natural gifts and pick up some new ones including my ability to lead and mentor others; write fiction and non-fiction alike; develop communication methods for entire departments; provide free-flowing, organic customer service; spot and create system efficiencies; and excel in data management. These may be my specialties now, but I am eager to see how they will grow and diversify over the course of my future.

Please feel free to explore my portfolio and let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate your time and look forward to collaborating with you in the near future.

Have a great day,

Jaymee Woolhiser

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