Brittany Solomon | Executive Assistant at Diverse Talent

“Jaymee was my supervisor for two years and during that time I saw her continue to thrive and go above and beyond in her position. She was able to take on twice the workload after a fellow employee retired and continued to be an amazing, involved supervisor. Throughout my time working with her at the Office of International Programs at CSU, Jaymee grew tremendously; her willingness to learn and continue to take on more responsibilities is inspiring and shows that she is a true professional.

Her hard work and dedication within her role, as well as her ability to work cohesively with others, supporting all of her colleagues, her supervisor and those who she supervised, makes her a valuable asset to any team. The productivity and ambition exemplified by Jaymee sets a great example for everyone else in the office and explains why everyone enjoys working with her.

Jaymee excels at all aspects of her job and as my supervisor, she taught me many valuable professional lessons and encouraged me to continue striving for success. I am very optimistic about her professional success in the future. I have no doubt that any company or organization that Jaymee decides to be a part of will gain a valuable asset.”

Emilyn Bell | English Teaching Assistant at Junta de Andalucia

“Jaymee served as my boss for two years, and from the beginning she made it known that she is the accessible type. She constantly made herself available to me if I had any questions or concerns. She gave the tools necessary to be successful, while continually challenging me to expand my own knowledge. Jaymee’s personality made work feel like an open and welcoming environment. She makes you feel comfortable coming to her with any questions, doubts, and celebrations that may arise, which in turn led to a happier and more productive team.”

John Hildebrand | Senior International Student and Scholar Advisor at Colorado State University

“Jaymee always brings a positive attitude and solutions-oriented approach to her work. She’s ambitious, articulate and seeks to enact positive change wherever she identifies a need. She’s done a fantastic job in her current role as SEVIS Coordinator in dramatically improving our office’s student services and back-end processes. She’s a skilled supervisor and has well-honed communication skills.”

Esmeralda Cabrera | Environmental Health Graduate

“Jaymee worked as my supervisor for almost two years and always served as an great support system. Through her great communication skills I was able to learn several of the tasks while still being challenged. She was always positive but also transparent which makes her an asset to the office. Getting to know her on a personal level was very easy which also showed me her creative side. I am grateful to have had such a well-rounded and encouraging supervisor.”

Sagar Bhatt | Software Engineer II at Dish Network

“Not many people can handle immigration-related queries as Jaymee can. She is always very patient, solution-oriented and there is nothing she couldn’t solve. Jaymee is always fast to respond, intelligent, and comes with the solution to the unique problems related to immigration policies and guides international students at CSU. She’s also very kind, easy to deal with, and available when needed. I am very impressed with her positive attitude. Jaymee is my go-to person when I seek advice. I can easily say she is one of the best in her field.”

Ying Chen | China Programs Student Success Specialist | Colorado State University

“Jaymee is very organized, efficient and empathetic at work. I know she has a lot of appreciation from students for the help and support she provides to them. As her colleague, I feel she always brings a lot of passion and energy to the group. When we work on projects together, she provides great ideas, feedback and support. I really enjoy working with Jaymee.”

Ayelet Golz | Ayelet Golz Video Editing, LLC

“Jaymee and I worked closely together on the content migration and re-organization on the new website for the office. She sorted through hundreds of pages for her unit and made notes about content updates. Some of the pages had not been updated in years and needed to be consolidated and reorganized into the new website structure. Thanks to her hard work, enthusiasm for the project, and strong organizational skills, that part of the website project went smoothly. She continues to innovate and inspire changes to that part of the website. Jaymee is enthusiastic, reliable, adaptable, and overall just a great person to work with.”

Jacob Sutton | Senior Advisor | Aims Community College

“Jaymee is an incredible asset to any team she is a part of. She brings a great attitude and approach to problem solving, and positivity to even the most difficult tasks.

Jaymee is also incredibly organized. The workload she is able to manage is astonishing. I personally witnessed her absorb the workload of others, take on new responsibilities, and still assist with team projects as they arose. I am personally grateful to have been her colleague.”

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