My natural inclination of bringing order to chaos allows me to thrive in projects that require high organizational skills.

One of my favorite tools to use when a large project is ahead of my team is the Gantt Chart. The ability to connect the individual steps required for a project to reach completion visually can be a lifesaver. Not only does the chart help keep us on track, but it also helps keep everyone involved in the project aware of how their contribution impacts the projects around it. This ultimately encourages accountability and helps us see where a project snag or bottleneck could occur.

A large component of successful organization is setting up an environment that is proactive rather than reactive. We can achieve this through viewing a project holistically and taking into account all of the impacted cogs of the greater machine.

Collaboration is a necessity for successful projects when multiple divisions are involved or need to be considered. For this reason, I am a firm believer in working meetings. This allows teams to flesh out their ideas and needs efficiently so that they can spend more time putting their ideas to work later. Time management and making sure that everything we do as a team is useful and productive is a challenge I look forward to taking ownership of.

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