Curriculum Vitae

Where data synthesis and creative energies collide – that’s where you’ll find me!

Day-to-day, I’m balancing premier client services with the interpretation and application of institution regulations, dueling deadlines, maintenance of websites, creating clear-cut communication campaigns and technical reports, and exploring the mysterious-to-me corners of historic New England. It’s a powerful blend of strengths and passions I’ve cultivated over the last two decades and enjoy applying to my organization’s mission.

Please take a moment to explore my online portfolio and reach out with any questions or for recruitment purposes.


Master of Natural Resource Management | Texas Tech University | MAY 2024

Bachelor of Arts | Anthropology | Colorado State University | 2021

Associate of Arts | General Studies, Transfer | Umpqua Community College | 2013


NARA Records Management Certification – Levels I, II, & III | National Archives & Records Administration | 2020

Supervisor Development Program Certification | Colorado State University | 2019

Certificate | Yoga Instructor | Southwest Institute of Healing Arts | 2011


Faculty Actions Specialist | BioMedical Faculty Administration | Brown University | 2022 – Present

  • Manage the annual faculty and academic affiliate action cycle for all biology and clinical departments including appointments, reappointments, annual reviews, title changes, promotions, visas, and terminations.
  • Administer all recruitment for clinical and biology department faculty searches.
  • Provide divisional guidance and support for the division’s recruitment/information management system, Interfolio, used for faculty recruitment.
  • Oversee and manage all aspects of the use of Interfolio throughout the Division, serving as subject matter expert and trainer to BioMed faculty administrators, search committee members, department chairs, and department managers on use and functionality.
  • Manage the BioMed faculty Tuition Aid Program (TAP) by interfacing with faculty and outside colleges and universities as well as hospital partners to ensure correct reimbursements are made.
  • Maintain the database of all tuition program activities and prepare reports of activities as needed.
  • Oversee and support continuous process improvement for tracking systems related to biology and clinical department faculty/academic affiliate actions and maintain memberships for tracking platforms (Google platform) for department administrators, finance, and the Dean of the Faculty’s Office.
  • Serve as liaison between BioMed’s Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Senior Associate Dean for the Program in Biology, and the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity to ensure timely review of faculty/academic affiliate actions, providing feedback to departments, and obtaining approval signatures.
  • Draft and disseminate all faculty action letters and policy implementation memos.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity and BioMed’s Senior Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to ensure faculty recruitment processes support the Division’s diversity efforts.
  • Prepare faculty actions reports at strategic intervals with follow-up to relevant administrators to ensure continuous and uninterrupted reappointments.
  • Develop the new BMFA website combining Brown University’s communications requirements with best SEO practices to produce a user-friendly product for our clients including Biology- and Clinical-based faculty and department administrators. This project requires reviewing the entire website for process and policy accuracy, updating forms and documents to develop a consistent suite with readily available updated information, building out the resources and guidance for Biology departments, and identifying and connecting system efficiencies between the website and BMFA’s policies.
  • Provide coverage for colleagues and leadership when necessary such as covering the duties of BMFA’s Director to include the facilitation and dissemination of tenured faculty hire term sheets, faculty merit reviews, faculty annual reviews, visual compliance checks for visa requests, co-leading salary reviews for Brown-paid faculty and affiliates, sabbatical policy interpretation and letter generation, and representing BMFA in Division level meetings.

Director | Beaux Cooper Media | 2015 – Present

Beaux Cooper Media is a non-profit online publication of fiction and poetry currently in the process of rebranding.

  • Recruit authors, writers, and media personnel from around the world to orchestrate blog interviews, marketing, and literature sharing to increase mutual exposure. Beaux Cooper Media has successfully published short fiction and poetry by authors from Ireland, South Africa, Norway, the United States, Great Britain, and the Arapaho Nation.
  • Support ongoing maintenance for Beaux Cooper Media including website and social media management. This includes graphic design, editing, and content creation.
  • Organize advertising campaigns across digital and print modalities targeting specific audiences on a global scale.
  • Design posting schedules, recruitment drives, and public speaking engagements to support Beaux Cooper Media’s publication cycle.
  • Manage and contribute to online communities geared toward writers and editors by supplying writing prompts to help mitigate writer’s block and advice on writing style, narrative design, and getting published.
  • Serve as a mentor to budding writers through writer conferences and online forums as well as provide editing services.
  • Build relationships with other publishing houses to create a network of support and services for authors, often creating cross-advertising campaigns that extend the indie publication’s brand and online presence.
  • Provide consultancy services to non-profit organizations and private companies regarding branding, website and social media management, and best SEO practices.
  • Contributed content for and participated in interviews with local newspapers.
  • Create and maintain an annual budget that includes technology maintenance, editing services, accounts payable and receivable, travel, advertising, and production.
  • Published my debut novel in eBook format in 2016 under the publishing house, Tirgearr Publishing, using the pseudonym, Beaux Cooper.
  • Participated in large, paid speaking engagements across Wyoming as part of my book release campaign.
  • Successfully coordinated with PBS Wyoming producers to advertise and present behind-the-scenes information for the Farm to Fork episode Food Sovereignty in Indian Country.  

SEVIS Coordinator | International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) | Colorado State University | 2018 – 2022

  • Accurately maintained up to 2,300 immigration records of F-1 and J-1 Visa holders by submitting daily, quarterly, semesterly, and annual reports to the US federal government database system, SEVIS.
  • Communicated, advised, and trained on federal regulations to invested stakeholders within the community, including domestic and international government departments and organizations, international students, and departments across campus. This required obtaining expert-level knowledge of federal government regulations issued by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • Advised students on their immigration requirements for maintaining their F-1 records while on their Optional Practical Training (OPT) authorizations, including eligible employment, how and when to report changes to the system, the application process, and how to manage their records when applying for the H-1B visa.
  • Disseminated information and advised on emergency guidance and regulation as it pertained to COVID-19 to international and domestic audiences through newsletters, social media posts, website updates, email campaigns, infographics, and campus listservs.
  • Served as project manager of new international student intake at the start of each semester which required rigorous, multi-sourced research to feed the collection, analysis, and reporting of immigration-related data over several months under the strict, unwavering deadlines monitored by the federal government as well as managed the same for our separate, continuing international student population.
  • Issued updated immigration documents to international students after reviewing their academic and immigration records for accuracy and completion as well as providing travel signatures as needed.
  • Observed, discovered, and implemented system efficiencies throughout the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) unit through the exercise of process expertise and developed critical thinking skills, often spearheading process overhauls, training, and documentation.
  • Met with invested departmental stakeholders including the Vice Provost and Assistant Vice Provost of the Office of International Programs as well as the Director, Associate Director, Assistant Directors, and colleagues to address potential pitfalls and existing problem areas in production and daily operations.
  • Served as the ISSS website manager to include all content updates, creation, and alert maintenance designed to better serve our student and scholar populations in addition to telling our story to the greater global community in an effectual, engaging way.
  • Performed Human Resources duties including the recruitment, hiring, training, and supervision of staff throughout the year. This also included assigning projects, confirming payroll, and reviewing work for completion and accuracy.
  • Liaised with departments across campus to ensure a thorough understanding of the government regulations our mutual populations were responsible for maintaining. This included presenting in outside departments’ meetings, contributing to their listservs, creating and issuing reference materials, and joining campus councils.
  • Participated as a member of the communications team for the Classified Personnel Council which serves the greater CSU State Classified staff community through policy interpretation and dissemination as well as advocacy to university and state legislative boards.
  • Co-led the ISSS Communications Committee created to remodel all communications to internal and external clients including emails, alerts, website information, and social media accounts. This included spearheading several marketing campaigns over social media, email, and listservs using infographics geared toward student recruitment and retention.
  • Successfully led the migration and reconstruction of the ISSS website consolidating over 250 pages from the old website down to 150 pages on our new platform, updating landing pages for visual appeal and dynamic organization, and creating new content within a two-month deadline while organizing and monitoring tasks delegated to our team of 10 people. We completed the project a week ahead of schedule.
  • Co-led a two-year-long project preparing for the update of our record-keeping database, Sunapsis, as a Superuser by assisting with testing the new version against the old to ensure a smooth transition. Collaborated with colleagues and clients at the time of launch to resolve any bugs in the system and to provide training for navigating the new system on the front and back ends.
  • Overhauled the general and task-specific communications sent to students and scholars to create a uniform template suite that is informative, inviting, and useful.
  • Revolutionized ISSS’s Optional Practical Training Reporting methods and office procedures to provide efficiency and convenience to approximately 400 OPT students by creating an eForm for reporting, automatic reminder emails for approaching reporting deadlines, and designing a reporting schedule calculator website.

Administrative Assistant III | International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) | Colorado State University | 2017-2018

  • Prepared thousands of prospective international students’ records for initial I-20 and DS-2019 document creation by collecting, reviewing, and recording all required supplemental application materials such as financial statements or guarantees, affidavits of support, passports, and, if applicable, dependent information.
  • Served as project manager and key processing agent of the Immigration Document Review for newly arrived international students, preparing their immigration records for initial activation in SEVIS. This often required extensive communication campaigns to determine the prospective student’s arrival status and begin the retention process of deferral if the student was unable to arrive in time for the new semester start.
  • Maintained the financial accounts for the department’s annual budget including international and domestic travel arrangements, travel and daily reimbursements, account and purchase card reconciliation, and accounts receivable and payable.
  • Hired, trained, supervised, and mentored up to six staff members including the maintenance of the CSU hiring system.
  • Organized and led the annual Grant Lee Scholarship provided to eligible students from South Korea.
  • Assisted the ISSS Director and Assistant Director in scheduling, calendar maintenance, hiring events, and research projects.
  • Participated in the department’s “go paperless” initiative by transitioning our processes from paper to digital data collection, analysis, and storage.
  • Performed general office management duties through the ordering of supplies, providing troubleshooting to staff on procedures and technology, taking meeting minutes, and customer service coverage at the front desk reception area as needed.

Accounting Aide | Outreach School | University of Wyoming | 2016-2017

  • Collected and processed monthly payroll and issued leave balance reports for the Outreach School administration, faculty, and support staff totaling over 50 employees dispersed across the state of Wyoming and beyond.
  • Maintained open communication across statewide campuses regarding timesheets, timecards, PARS, and leave balances.
  • Assisted in the management of the Outreach School’s multimillion-dollar operating budget by maintaining accurate records of all transactions related to the University’s internal processes, procedures, and policies.
  • Collaborated with University of Wyoming departments, Wyoming community colleges, and regional and state agencies to support the daily operations of the Outreach School Accounting offices.

Administrative Assistant | Outreach School | University of Wyoming | 2015-2016

  • Managed the daily operations of the Regional Center including scheduling classrooms for instructional and community use, both on-site and within the region, such as internal and external video conferencing events.
  • Organized advertising materials for print, television, and radio dissemination regarding course availability in regions throughout the eastern half of the state to support enrollment for the Outreach School’s continuing education, certificate, and degree programs.
  • Created and organized press releases published in regional newspapers presenting information about the regional office’s services, Outreach School program announcements, and any departmental changes as necessary.
  • Provided technical support, training, and guidance to over 200 students, conference participants, and presenters on equipment and software.
  • Supervised five staff members throughout the Eastern Wyoming region by providing training, scheduling assignments, hiring and firing of staff, collecting and maintaining payroll and reports, and organizing regional communication. This duty often included tele- and video conferences for interviews.
  • Maintained equipment inventory, databases, and information related to the University of Wyoming’s internal procedures and policies as well as tracked student registrations across the region.
  • Performed various accounting duties including managing the individual Regional Center’s operating budget of approximately $40,000.

Enrollment Services Clerk / Enrollment Services Assistant | Admissions | Umpqua Community College | 2012 – 2014

  • Managed three Enrollment Services Clerks by providing training, policy updates, and building weekly schedules.
  • Provided motivation, direction, and cross-training to colleagues during the merger of the independent offices of Enrollment Services into a new, single building on campus known as the Welcome Center.
  • Assisted with recruiting, testing, advising, and registration activities as well as special events such as commencement, fair booth, and orientation.
  • Served as an admissions officer processing applications, issuing admission letters, and maintaining physical transcript files for new admits.
  • Collaborated with staff from other Oregon community colleges to broaden our outreach and services for students.
  • Performed administrative support activities such as scheduling meetings and interviews, securing requested information, verifying and maintaining computerized data files, preparing summary reports, and participating in and leading hiring committees.

Adjunct Faculty | Umpqua Community College | 2012-2014

  • Supervised a classroom of approximately 30 students during 50-80 minute class periods.
  • Lead students through a series of Hatha Yoga sequences throughout the academic term.
  • Encouraged students during their yoga practice to embrace the condition and structures of their bodies, creating a positive learning environment for all those involved.
  • Collected and graded homework on the philosophies of yoga.
  • Maintained an up-to-date grade book including attendance, homework, and participation points.
  • Recruited students to the class when registration was available and the term had yet to begin.
  • Communicated with Disability Services and Counseling when necessary.

Family Support Specialist / PSMAPP Trainer and Coordinator | ResCare – AmeriPsych | 2007-2011

  • Trained families in the state-required curriculum before their licensure for Foster Care.
  • Coordinated between foster care agencies, prospective foster parents, and venues to hold classes and help families during their licensing application.
  • Recruited prospective foster parents through presentations and marketing in the community. Often involving travel to various parts of the state and working evenings and weekends.
  • Designed and presented supplemental training modules for presentation to existing foster parents as part of their ongoing, annual professional development requirements for maintaining their foster care license.
  • Facilitated and documented visits between parents and their children after the children had been removed from their homes by Child Protective Services. These visitation reports were submitted to family courts as evidence of the parents’ progress while under supervision and were often used to determine the next steps in family case plans.
  • Navigated wide ranges of cultural backgrounds, needs, and socioeconomic statuses without judgment of clients to provide case managers, lawyers, and judges with the most clear-cut, reliable reports possible.
  • Provided parenting classes to clients as part of their family reunification plan.
  • Built a personal weekly schedule for visits and training by coordinating the schedules of multiple foster parents, schools, case managers, parents, and rehabilitation centers.
  • Maintained up to 15 cases and their respective files at a given time.
  • Successfully assisted in the reunification of 98% of my client families as a member of the case team, often providing advocacy to team members and courts in favor of the families with only one case leading to severance.

Camp Counselor | Outdoor School | 2003

  • Guided students through the Soil Field Study portion of their Outdoor School program. Topics covered included absorption, compaction, and permeability of soil; composting; erosion; geology; irrigation as erosion mitigation; particle size charting; soil pH testing; slope and aspect; soil texture and structure; topography; weathering; and the discussion and reporting of building soil profiles.
  • Co-Supervised a cabin of 10-15 sixth-grade girls ensuring timely completion of their morning and evening routines as well as mitigating conflict between students, celebrating accomplishments, and participating in camp-wide activities.

Assistant | RE/MAX and Hasson | 1999 – 2003

  • Served as a general assistant to local real estate agents in the Portland-Metro area in the Pacific Northwest as well as the Eastern region of Oregon.
  • Provided administrative assistance through record keeping, filing, running errands, preparing mailers, rent collection and processing, and customer service.
  • Cleaned, painted, and prepared rental properties owned by subdivision developers between tenants.
  • Participated in open houses and community events in subdivision model homes including fairs, BBQs, and Halloween trick-or-treating.

Outline of Training and Skills

  • Accounting
  • Administrative/office coordination
  • Communications
    • Editing/copy editing
    • Journalism and Writing for the Web
    • Narrative design
    • Photography
    • Public speaking
    • Social media management
    • Technical/report writing
    • Website and digital resource management
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Data collection, synthesis, reporting, and management
  • eForm building, maintenance, and implementation
  • Federal government regulation interpretation and reporting
  • Immigration regulation advising and training for F and J visa holders
  • Fieldwork
  • Marketing
  • Real estate support
  • Records/archive management
  • Report building
  • Rugged, multi-sourced research
  • Soil Education
  • Staff supervision and management
  • Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)
  • Teaching in formal and informal settings
  • Training clients, colleagues, and staff on immigration regulations, general procedure, and data/record-keeping software

Additional Skills and Talents

  • Typing: 104 net WPM
  • Data Entry: 17803 net KPH
  • Comfortable in the field including driving off-road or in poor weather conditions, navigation, hiking, and manual labor.
  • Adept computer and office technology user including Windows and Mac operating systems, Windows Office Suite, Google Suite, data and record-keeping software, accounting programs, blogging, social media, copiers, faxes, scanners, and other resources.
  • Software/hardware superuser
  • Mastered written and verbal communication and multitasking skills.
  • Experienced public speaker and trainer.
  • Competent social media user and advertiser.
  • Event planning, coordination, and itinerary building.

Community Involvement

  • History Colorado | Transcriptionist | October 2021 – May 2022
    • As a digital volunteer, I transcribe the contents of scanned copies of historic documents into proprietary archival software. These documents and transcriptions then become available to a global audience of researchers and amateur historians. Current projects include “Out of the Archives” which is a collection of record-keeping ledgers from the last 140 years comprised of 30,000 books and 3,000 maps related to Colorado as well as the “William Henry Jackson Records” which contains Jackson’s records from his time with the Detroit Publishing Company and thousands of photographs.
  • Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program | Application Analyst | December 2020
    • Reviewed, commented on, and scored over 60 scholarship applications for the TJSP which focuses on leadership capacity and professional preparation for highly motivated and academically successful students, shaping future leaders from throughout Tunisia to contribute in a meaningful way to Tunisia’s democratic and economic development. Those awarded the scholarship are given a full ride to a United States university for one year of academic study.
  • International House Summer Programs | Volunteer Instructor | July 2019
    • Lead community members through a yoga class as part of the International House Summer Programs event.
  • Backpack Program | Volunteer | 2014 – 2016
    • Served as a collective to fill backpacks with food items for underprivileged students in the county.
  • Feed the ‘Burg | Volunteer | Fall 2013
    • Prepared and served homemade dinners during a weekly community outreach event geared toward providing hearty meals and good conversation for our local homeless population.


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